Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Judge Phillip Trompeter (Roanoke County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Distict Court)305 East Main St.Salem,Va.24153

"I will see to it that you never see your son ever again" was what he told my sweet innocent, confused, baby sister.None of this would I learn of until over a decade later when my very own son would have been the same tender age as was my young nephew.This is why I fight and fight I will do! There are many other children suffering at the hands of this man and his cohort Diana Perkinson (Child Gaurdian Ad Litem) this I cannot live with.

I can still feel the warmth of his tears on my shoulder as he buried his little head and wept nearly six years ago, as if it were just yesterday...
The images never go away, the pain still aches and throbs of him tightly clinging, while being literally peeled off my body by strangers at the "supervised visitation center" to be handed over to the "scariest women" in my son's own words. To not see oneanother again for two weeks at the young age of only four after having been inseperable since birth with my having physical custody, being a dedicated stay at home Mom.My son had been moved almost three hours away... to add to the trauma.

We were alloted 60 minutes everyother Saturday while under surveilance, all the while unable to as much as make the slightest gesture of wanting to embrace my baby lest the visitation would be abruptly discontinued and possibly charged with contempt of court.
How does a Mother not wisk her child up in her arms and hold him forever and tell him she will never leave him, how does she instead reject her very own young, pushing him away to give to the woman who recommended to Judge Trompeter "giving the father a try" who admitted resenting me because I reminded her of her own "protective" Mother as well as admitting that she fought for "fathers rights."

Diana M. Perkinson of (Perkinson&Perkinson) located at 115 Kirk Ave.S.W. Roanoke,Va.24015 is who I speak of and will be speaking alot more of, in my endeavor to prevent another precious innocent child from suffering the trauma that my child suffered and still suffers today as his Mother continues to fight.
Six years later since I reported sexual abuse by the fathers "brotherinlaw" which was never properly addressed though the signs became worse after the father gained sole custody.My son now suffers from Stockholm Syndrome,Parental Alienation and Post Traumatic Stress from the years of mental/emotional abuse.
I myself am now coming to grips with the fact that I suffer as well, from Post Traumatic Stress not having really understood this terminology.I now understand as well that the father suffers from Narcicistic Personality Disorder(NPD) and is a Sociapathic/Pathological
This man attempted murder on my life in front of my five year old and was never charged with a crime.Myself nor my child ever recieved counseling for any of these traumatic experiences because they were never acknowledged as ever having happened.

There is so much more to my personal story which I intend to tell in time but especially wish to bring to attention these types of occurences that are happening in the lives of so many due to a corrupt system without accountability.

I pledge to make an impact in the lives of others to spare even one ounce of the pain that my son and I have suffered.

Phala Bowles


  1. Ms. Bowles, we have suffered at the hands of this so called public servent. I would love to talk to you.

  2. I have also suffered from this judge... What can we do? I want him to have to be punished for what he did to me as well as social services. austin19862010@yahoo.com

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