Sunday, July 10, 2011

Courthouse Forum

Courthouse Forum


  1. Judge William Adams of Rockport Texas (Aransas County) on October 11, 2010 held that it a child's statements amounted to no evidence. In other words, it was frivolous to believe a child.

    This child's statements had been confirmed by independent 3rd party witnesses. Also, the child had been interviewed by ac child psychologist who believed the child. The child's statements were recorded on video several times.

    According to this jurist, though, it was frivolous to believe the child. Specifically, the child's statements amounted to no evidence.

    The child psychologist testified that what the child described amounted to "horrific child abuse." Essentially, the lawyers Lanette Joubert and William Dudley were instructing the child to lie about his mother that his mother had "touched" him and he was being instructed that that a judge said his mother was a "bad mother."

    There was no attack on this child's credibility. He was a bright and honest child according to both parents and the child psychologist.

    The argument was that children generally (not this specific child but children generally) are
    "fantasizers." Judge William Adams agreed.

    According to Judge William Adams, all children are fantasizers and their testimony should just be ignored. Anyone who believes a child should be sanctioned. This really happened.

    Anyone who wants a copy of the transcript can get it for free. Ask at

    Of course, Judge William Adams, Lanette Joubert, and William Dudley don't really believe this. They were covering up for what they had done. Nevertheless, a child and the child's mother were abused in the process.

    Family law tends to attract the most corrupt and dishonest judges and lawyers.


    Oh, his time is about to come.

  3. Yes, please watch the video linked above. This man is finished.